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SH: Nea Marz Character Sheet by World-of-Atmos SH: Nea Marz Character Sheet :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 15 0 Strix by World-of-Atmos Strix :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 3 0 Sweet Lark, by World-of-Atmos Sweet Lark, :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 8 0 Older Piper by World-of-Atmos Older Piper :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 17 1 Training Session by World-of-Atmos Training Session :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 58 13 Cyclonis by Tigerrising by World-of-Atmos Cyclonis by Tigerrising :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 1 0 Nea by World-of-Atmos Nea :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 9 0 The Firebirds by World-of-Atmos The Firebirds :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 7 0
Sibling Squall Epilogue
Storm Hawks: Sibling Squall Epilogue
A Fanfiction Story written by: Jenn "SaturnGrl" AKA "SaturnScribe"
Please follow the provided links to the original Story Submission page to read and critique this tale.
Thank you. ^_^
:iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 1 0
Storm Hawks Sibling Squall X
Storm Hawks: Sibling Squall X
A Fanfiction Story written by: Jenn "SaturnGrl" AKA "SaturnScribe"
Please follow the provided links to the original Story Submission page to read and critique this tale.
Thank you. ^_^
:iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 2 0
Storm Hawks Sibling Squall IX
Storm Hawks: Sibling Squall IX
A Fanfiction Story written by: Jenn "SaturnGrl" AKA "SaturnScribe"
Please follow the provided links to the original Story Submission page to read and critique this tale.
Thank you. ^_^
:iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 0 0
Stained: Tigerrising by World-of-Atmos Stained: Tigerrising :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 1 0
SH: All Good Things Must Come
All Good Things Must Come to an End
It wasn't supposed to end like this. She looked down at his still form, her hand resting on his still-warm cheek. She felt an overwhelming urge to scream at the injustice of it all, it wasn't fair, he was just fifty-five years old, they should have had years ahead of them. And now she was a widow at forty.
They had been married just over fifteen years. Pneumonia, the doctors said.
It had all started so innocently. He developed a persistent nagging cough. He shrugged off her concern, ignored her pleas to see a doctor, told her it was only a cough and it would pass.
She had woken during the night and found him struggling to breathe. Stork,  who was always welcome, was staying on the terra for a few days in order to avail of the natural hot springs. He was quickly roused to action and flew them to the nearest Terra with adequate medical facilities. He rested quietly in one of the spare rooms in The Condor whilst she watched over him. Stork, al
:iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 1 0
Cat fights are more fun by World-of-Atmos Cat fights are more fun :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 8 1 Steam Hawks : Coloured. by World-of-Atmos Steam Hawks : Coloured. :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 138 0 Oh noes D: by World-of-Atmos Oh noes D: :iconworld-of-atmos:World-of-Atmos 4 0

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Storm Hawks Club
United States
Welcome to the StormHawks Fan Club!
:D The First to be Founded here on DA!:D
This club was created for all you peoples who have taken a shine to the new Nerd Corps TV series StormHawks on YTV and Cartoon Network.
We welcome Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Original Characters and Squadrons!

~To Join~

If you would like to join the World-of-Atmos please send this account a note stating something such as “I would like to join” or “I want to join”
Please do not leave "Can I Join?" comments on the account page. If you just commnt on this page, you will not be replied to.
After you’re accepted you will be sent the password for this account so you would be able to log in and post your artwork
DO NOT give the password to non-approved members!


- Add our icon in your journal please and :+devwatch: the club.
- Play nice with others ^^
- And members please DO NOT mess with the settings or journal
- Do not favorite the works submitted here. Always favorite the originals.
- We encourage artwork commenting, so long as it is not SPAM.
- When on this account please don’t devwatch anyone
- And please DO NOT delete ANYTHING that isn't your submitted artwork. If you posted something and something got mixed up and you need to delete it go for it

*Please DO NOT open the notes, once they are open they don’t show as new and sometimes we don’t notice them and please DO NOT FAVORITE non Storm Hawks art*

SaturnGrl says:
What's up fellow fans?
Sorry for my long absence to the club. It was no vacation for me, and we are still recovering from a major fire that broke out on my ship while we were out to sea.
Sad to say, it seems CN has already taken the show off the air. I dunno about you guys but I find that to be seriously disappointing. Storm Hawks is a great show and it still deserves a time slot on the air. I can only hope that CN is holding out on us for the release of the second season later this summer, maybe early fall.
Well folks, I'll be out and about here when I can. Keep your spirits up, and keep the fan art/fic alive! I'll be doing the same. ^_^

all links were provided by (veoh) if any but the first 2 dont work please try refreshing the page (each episode will take about 5 minutes to load) if this still doesn't work then type: storm hawks and the episode you want to watch (excludes 1, 27, 28, 29)
these links can all be found on:…

Age Of Heroes Part 1 episode1-… (this is a 2 part sepcial both links will take you to the first 2 episodes. these 2 are the only 2 links that might not work because you need to be a member of veoh, but episode 2 can be watched on its own if you search for it on veoh.)
Age Of Heroes Part 2 episode2-… this is a 2 part sepcial both links will take you to the first 2 episodes. these 2 are the only 2 links that might not work because you need to be a member of veoh, but episode 2 can be watched on its own if you search for it on veoh.)
Gale Force Winds episode3-…
The Code episode4-…
Tranquility Now episode5-…
Best Friends Forever episode6-…
The Black Gorge episode7-…
Absolute Power episode8-…
Velocity episode9-…
Fire And Ice episode10-…
King For A Day episode11-…
Terra Deep episode12-…
Storm Warning episode13-…
A Little Trouble episode14-…
Thunder Run episode15-…
Escape! episode16-…
Forbidden City episode17-…
Leviathon episode18-…
Infinnity episode19-…
Terra Neon episode20-…
The Storm Hawks Seven episode21-…
Talon Academy episode22-…
Siren's Song episode23-…
Calling All Domos episode24-…
The Lesson episode25-…
Dude Where's My Condor? episode26-…
The Masked Masher episode27- (not aired yet)
Atmos, Most Wanted episode28- (not aired yet)
Stratosphere episode29- (not aired yet)
Special Edition DVD Episode-… (this is only available with the DVD it will not be shown on TV)


~Section Violation~

Please make sure the work you submit is your own, and follow our rules as well as the rules of DeviantArt to make this club as enjoyable as possible.
If it features cannon characters from the actual program, be sure to © Nerd Corps, or if you feature characters from another fan artist, be sure to give credit to their originators.

Most of the work will go under Category: Drawing & Illustration, Drawing, Fan Art, TV & Movies, Traditional Work or Digital

-Thank You


Now you can either submit your work to the club yourself by:
State the title of the artwork along with your name (Storm Hawks Art by So&So)
Then write whatever you’d like in the description and post a link (to your gallery) at the end of the description so people can visit you ^^
You can submit it on your own gallery and post a link (Devious Comments)
We will favorite and comment from there. ^_^
Remeber to Disable Comments when you submit here. Its always better if comments and favorites come from your original in your galleries.

PS if you forgot the password don't worry just note the club with the subject: PASSWORD, if you don't it might be over looked, if we don't answer note me, SaturnGrl and I’ll give you it ^^

Storm Hawks Forums!
One of our members has created a Storm Hawks forum to help feature Artwork, Fan Fiction, and Role Play! Check it out and join up!…

Storm Hawks DA Chat Room!
ShamanKnight has created a Storm Hawks Chat Room here on DA!…


Help Wanted? Inquire within... (Send Note to either my main account, or here)

DA has deemed that only 64 avatar icons can be displayed at one time in a journal entry, which would explain why some member's icons have been vanishing at times. As part of the new revision, member icons will be displayed in seperate journal entries to accomodate for the steadilly increasing numbers.
Check out the sections and see if your icon is displayed. If your icon is missing then send us a note so we can add you back promptly.

First Wave Squadrons
Second Wave Squadrons
Third Wave Squadrons

:iconstorkfan00: - Stork Fan Club
:iconstorm-hawks: - Fellow Storm Hawks Fanclub
:iconstormhawksfc: - A Storm Hawks RPG and Fan Club
:iconaerrowclub: - Aerrow Fan Club
:iconatmossquadronsclub: - A Storm Hawks Squadron Club
:iconcycloniantalonsclub: - A Club for Cyclonians!
:iconpiperxclub: - A Club for Piper Fans!
:iconstorkxpiper: - A Club for Stork+Piper Fans!
:iconfinn-fan-club: - Fan Club for Finn!
:iconaerrowxpiperclub: - Fan club for Aerrow+Piper :heart:
:iconfinnxmcclub: - A Finn x Master Cyclonis Club
:iconstorkxpiper: - A Stork x Piper Club
:iconknights-of-atmos: - A Sky Knight Club

:iconmarzipan-city: - A Club for Chowder, a Fellow CN Show
:iconclub-one-piece: - A Club for the Anime One Piece
Feel free to Apply! ^_^


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Mr-War Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
Can I ask you a question?
ponylkb Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011
hi today i watched the life and death of charlie st cloud and it got me wondering wether zac effron would make a better aerrow than chace crawfors (check out my gallery for the full story) i really cant choose help please?

let me know what you think
Vaya-Kahvi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I did :+fav: something here, but only because the link to the original was a 404 page.
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hey i am making a plee for people to go on facebook and add me as a friend on farmville as i needs neighbours


my name is laura donaghey and i have a storm hawks poster as my pic
ponylkb Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010

Season 3 : 2010 or in 2011
The third season of Storm Hawks is scheduled for February 5, 2010 or to the beginning of January 2011.


A film by storm hawks is scheduled for December 2010 or December 2011, released only on DVD, will not go in theaters

irkesstormhawksfan Featured By Owner May 5, 2010
That info is false and has been debunked. Storm Hawks is classed as a completed production on Nerd Corps home page, we won't be getting a third season
ponylkb Featured By Owner May 13, 2010
oh no well lets hope for the future
skeptikern Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Something tells me you are kind of into Storm Hawks? :D

Well I won't blame you who aren't into it? :D

Anyway. Just wanted to check in on you and see in your gallery and stuff :)
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can i join please!!!!! :iconiloveyouplz:
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